Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an app?

Actually, Chanh Beauty is a website hosting a skincare ingredient lookup tool, not an app. However, we may consider developing an app version in the future.

I can't find a product on this platform. What should I do, and can I add them?

Don't worry. If you are unable to find a product, you can use our ingredient analysis tool instead.

Please inform us about the product through the contact section, and we'll promptly update its information. Thank you for your cooperation.

What information do the key ingredients provide?

Understanding the key ingredients assists you in selecting products aligned with your skincare goals. It provides insight into the product's uses through its ingredients. Knowing the notable ingredients and their effects enables you to make informed decisions to enhance your skincare routine.

How does each ingredient affect different skin types?

Different skin types react differently to each ingredient. We've identified whether or not the ingredients suitable for your skin type.

However, just because a product contains beneficial or harmful ingredients for your skin type doesn't mean the entire product is good or bad for your skin. It depends on various factors like ingredient quality, concentration, and the interaction with other nutrients.

The best way is to look up products that have had bad effects in the past and pidentify suspicious ingredients, then avoiding them.

What is fungal acne?

Fungal acne, scientifically known as Pityrosporum Folliculitis or Malassezia folliculitis is acne caused by yeast. It often persists and reacts poorly to conventional acne treatments. Some ingredients have been proven that they promotes and nourishes the growth of this type of yeast.

Note: While we've attempted to identify as many acne-triggering ingredients as possible, a label indicating safety for fungal acne doesn't guarantee 100% that a product won't irritate or exacerbate your condition. It depends on conditions, ingredient combinations, and even unlisted ingredients.

What is the safety rating of product ingredients?

The safety rating of product ingredients refers to the evaluation of substances categorized by organizations like EWG. The EWG scores range from 1-10, divided into low risk, moderate risk and high risk levels.

  • 1-2: Low Risk
  • 3-6: Moderate Risk
  • 7-10: High Risk

If you're unsatisfied with EWG's evaluations due to perceived exaggerations, we also provide the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) rating as an alternative.

CIR's rating system consists of three levels similar to EWG:

  • A: Safe to use
  • B: Safe with professional recommendation
  • C: Data insufficient to conclude safety

Explaining the function of cosmetics

Each ingredient may have various functions. The main function refers to the ingredient's affect in the product.

What are the reasons why the ingredients do not match the product label?

Sometimes, there may be inconsistencies between the ingredients listed on product labels and those analyzed by Chanh Beauty. This inconsistency can occur due to variations in how ingredients are named or labeled.

Chanh Beauty solves this problem by grouping synonymous variants of ingredients under a single name during the analysis process. Despite these variations, rest assured that the ingredient analysis results maintain their accuracy.

I analyzed a product, and some ingredients weren't found for analysis.

Some synonymous names may not have been recorded by us, or some ingredients have not been updated yet. Please email us via [email protected] if you discover any ingredients that are not found.

Lacking information of any ingredients is an error, isn't it?

Some ingredients are currently being updated, or there may be insufficient published research on them.

Can I correct the incorrect information that I found?

If you come across any incorrect information, please feel free to inform us via email at [email protected]. Chanh Beauty will promptly rectify the error.